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Abaddon Dota 2 -

How to counter Abaddon Dota 2 and tips to pick Abaddon as my hero by Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. You can deny yourself using Mist Coil.
  2. The self-damage on Mist Coil can be absorbed by Aphotic Shield and can heal you during Borrowed Time.
  3. Mist Coil can heal through BKB/spell immunity.
  4. You can put Aphotic Shield on siege creeps.
  5. Aphotic Shield will always detonate for the full damage regardless of damage absorbed. This means that you can replace a shield on an ally to detonate it on demand for the damage.
  6. Aphotic Shield's explosion won't damage units in fog or invisible units, even if they're in the AoE.
  7. Abaddon's cast animations are long and the cast range on Aphotic Shield is garbage. If you're pushing/defending with your team and you're worried about enemy initiation, try casting and canceling Aphotic Shield on your team's highest priority hero. Not only will this constantly keep you in range to cast the shield, but if you've got them gatlike reactions you can almost instantly wipe off any disable.
  8. If you or an ally gets attacked by a hero while Aphotic Shield is on, the game will act like you haven't taken damage from that hero. This means that salves, clarities, bottle, Urn, Blink Dagger, Recall, and sleeps won't get broken.
  9. You don't need to actually complete an attack to get the Curse of Avernus buff. During chases or escapes, you can animation cancel an attack on a neutral or a creep to give yourself a free 15% move speed bonus without having to wait through Abaddon's full attack animation. If you have Tranquils this is doubly important since it allows you to get the move speed buff without breaking your boots. Also useful during Smokes.
  10. Curse of Avernus works on towers.
  11. Aphotic Shield doesn't absorb any damage during Borrowed Time, all of it goes to healing.
  12. It can be worth manually triggering Borrowed Time if you and your whole team are stunned (Burrowstrike, Ravage, RP, etc.) so you can purge off your stun and then immediately put an Aphotic Shield on an ally to purge off their stun as well.
  13. Break prevents Borrowed Time from auto-triggering, so you'll need to manually cast it against Silver Edge carriers or Shadow Demon with Agh Demonic Purge.
  14. If you're fairly sure that you're going to die even once Borrowed Time ends, don't bother using Mist Coil for the extra self-damage heal. Try for the deny, instead.
  15. Abaddon is an ideal hero to keep auras on (Vlad's, Basi, Drum, Shiva's) since he takes too much time for teams to kill early on in a fight.

  1. The burst damage radius on Aphotic Shield is pretty huge (675).
  2. If a target with Aphotic Shield is trying to explode on you, try to abuse fog of war. If the enemy can't see you, the Shield detonation won't do any damage.
  3. If you have a nuke that does >400 damage, you can instakill Abaddon without Borrowed Time ever auto triggering.
  4. If you don't trust your team, Eul's is a great Abaddon counter since it can waste 2.5s of Borrowed Time.
  5. AA's Ice Blast prevents Abaddon from healing during Borrowed Time.

Bahasa Indonesia

Cara counter Abaddon Dota 2 dan tips memilih Abaddon sebagai hero kita versi Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. Kamu bisa men deny hero Abaddonmu menggunakan Mist Coil.
  2. Damage dari Mist Coil bisa diserap oleh skill Aphotic Shield dan juga sekaligus memberikan efek heal saat Borrowed Time aktif.
  3. Mist Coil dapat tetap memberikan efek heal menembus BKB / skill yang sifatnya spell immunity.
  4. Kamu bisa cast Aphotic Shield ke creeps siegemu.
  5. Aphotic Shield akan meledak dengan damage penuh sesuai dengan damage yang diterima. Artinya jika kamu bisa cast shield ke alliesmu untuk membuat damage dari ledakan aphotic tersebut kemusuhmu.
  6. Ledakan dari Aphotic Shield tidak akan menghasilkan damage kepada unit yang berada dikondisi fog dan juga unit yang invisible.
  7.  Curse of Avernus works di tower.
  8. Aphotic Shield tidak menyerap damage ketika borrowed time aktif. Semuanya akan dikonvert menjadi efek heal saja.
  9. Abaddon bisa bunuh diri menggunakan skill Mist Coil saat kondisi Health Point sekarat. Denied!
  10. Item paling cocok untuk Abaddon adalah item aura seperti vlad's, Drum, Basilus, Shiva Guard dan item aura lain untuk berkembang sampai lategame.
  1. Jarak burst damage dari aphotic shield lumayan besar (675)
  2. Jika target (musuh) yang terkena aphotic shield mencoba untuk meledak di sekitarmu, cobalah untuk mencari fog diarea war untuk menghindari ledakan tersebut.
  3. Jika hero kamu memiliki damage burst lebih dari 400 damage,kamu bisa melakukan instakill abaddon tanpa memberikan abaddon kesempatan untuk mengaktifkan ultimatenya.
  4. Jika kamu tidak percaya dengan tim, gunakan eul untuk counter Abaddon untuk mendelay waktu sekitar 2.5 detik dari borrowed time.
  5. Ancient Appartion ice blast bisa mencegah abaddon dari efek heal ultimatenya.


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