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Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition -

How to counter Alchemist Dota 2 and tips to pick Alchemist as my hero by Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. Eul's Cyclone can practically guarantee a Cold Feet stun on a target.
  2. Ice Vortex is more than a massive range slow. It's also a 275 radius Veil of Discord that lowers magic resistance. Throw them all over the place when you're pushing and try to ult people when they're sitting in a Vortex for massive damage. Keep this in mind if you're skilling Chilling Touch as well, since Chilling Touch deals Magical damage.
  3. Ice Vortex is also a great scouting tool with the vision it provides. Use it to scout out Rosh attempts or to check high ground or to help with counterwarding.
  4. AA always gets the Chilling Touch buff on cast, even if you're not in the AoE.
  5. You or your allies can remove the Chilling Touch buff by clicking on the buff icon. This is literally the only buff in the game you can do this with.
  6. Ice Blast is a great way to break Blink Daggers for 8+3/9+3/10+3 seconds or 17+3 with Agh (the +3 is the time it takes for the Dagger to unbreak after the last tick of damage). You don't even need to land the Blast. As long as they get the Frostbite debuff, an enemy's Dagger will stay broken for the whole duration. Use it before team fights on an enemy initiator.
  7. Shoot your ult farther than you think it should go in most short range encounters. The shatter debuff can be more useful than the nuke in some situations, and as long as an enemy along the path of the projectile, they'll get frosted. Plus, the Ice Blast projectile travels slow as hell at low ranges and it's very easy for people to retreat the second they see it. 

  1. If you're walking back to the fountain at low HP and an enemy AA is alive, take a short break and try to bait the Ice Blast. It's worth spending a few extra seconds standing at your rax rather than risking getting blasted in your fountain.
  2. You can see the Tracer for AA's ult on your minimap if you have true sight (which is how you can see it flying over your ancient when he's shooting it at your fountain). If you're taking Rosh, put a sentry ward outside the pit and have someone stand outside and check the minimap to see if you're getting Ice Blasted.
  3. His ult is famous for having the game's most confusing tooltip. If you're against an AA, all you need to know is that if his ult flew over your head, you have a debuff that won't let you heal any HP. No lifesteal, no fountain regen, no Tranquil Boots, no Urn of Shadows, no PYOORIFICAYSHUN. Just you sitting and praying you don't drop below the shattering threshold.
  4. The exceptions to this rule are: Sunder, Decay, Time Lapse. 

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Cara counter Ancient Apparition Dota 2 dan tips memilih Ancient Apparition sebagai hero kita versi Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.


  1. Eul bisa memastikan Cold Feet (skill 1) untuk mengstun target
  2. Ice Vortex ( skill 2) lebih dari area untuk slow. Ice Vortex juga merupakan 275 radius dari Veil of Discord yang menurunkan magic resistance (ketahanan magic).Taruh ini di segala tempat ketika kamu push dan cobalah Ulti musuh ketika mereka berada didalam Ice Vortex untuk damage lebih.Ingat ini juga ketika kamu memakai skill Chilling Touch (skill 3), karena Chilling Touch juga menghasilkan damage magic
  3. Ice Vortex juga merupakan skill mengintai yang bagus karena vision yang dihasilkan.Gunakan untuk mengintai usaha Roshan musuh atau cek High Ground untuk Counterwarding atau deward
  4. AA selalu dapat buff Chilling Touch meskipun AA sendiri tidak masuk dalam AOE.
  5. Kamu atau temanmu bisa menghilangkan buff Chilling Touch dengan cara mengklik ikon buff. Mungkin ini satu-satunya buff yang bisa di klik dalam game.
  6. Ice Blast sangat bagus dalam mengagalkan Blink Dagger untuk 8+3/9+3/10+3 atau 17+3 dengan aghanim, 8/9/10/17 adalah durasi damage dari Ice Blast sedangkan 3 adalah saat Blink dagger terkena dmg.kamu bahkan tidak perlu mengenai Ice Blast. Cukup musuh mendapat buff Frostbite, maka dagger musuh akan ter-block sampai buff habis. Gunakan ini pada initiator musuh sebelum pertempuran.

  1. Jika kamu sedang berjalan pulang ke fountain dengan darah rendah dan musuh AA hidup, cobalah tunggu sejenak sampai AA menembakkan Ice Blastnya. Itu cukup bermanfaat berhenti beberapa detik ketimbang kamu dibunuh difountain.
  2. Kamu bisa melihat jejak ulti AA di minimap jika kamu memiliki True Sight.Maka dari itu kamu bisa melihatnya dari tower saat AA menembak kamu ke fountain. Jika kamu sedang roshan taruh sentry diluar “roshan-pit” dan suruh support untuk berdiri di luar untuk melihat apakah kalian di Ice Blast oleh AA atau tidak.
  3. Ulti AA sangat terkenal karena mempunyai buff yang rumit. Jika kamu melawan AA, dan ulti AA melewati kamu saja dan terkena buff maka dari itu kamu tidak akan bisa heal,tidak bisa lifesteal,tidak bisa regen fountain, tidak bisa regen Tranquil Boots, tidak bisa regen Urn, dan tidak bisa Purification (skill 1 Omniknight).diam dan berdoalah darah kamu tidak dibawah shattering thereshold.
  4. Ini tidak berlaku pada Sunder,Decay dan Time lapse.


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