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Arc Warden

Arc Warden Dota 2 -

How to counter Arc Warden Dota 2 and tips to pick Arc Warden as my hero by Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.


  1. Flux fully stacks with itself. Assuming neither cast gets muted, that's 780 magic damage over 6 seconds.
  2. Manipulate creep aggro to get good Fluxes in lane. The search radius for muting Flux is 225, which is pretty small. Right click an enemy hero to attract their creeps towards you and then Flux 'em. Just don't forget to kill their ranged creep first.
  3. Spark Wraiths trigger on invis and Smoked units.
  4. You don't need to fully envelope a tower to give it the bonus attack speed and evasion. Place the bubble in a way that just barely skims the back of the tower so enemies can't easily stand in it and bypass the evasion.
  5. At Necro 3, both the Archer and the Warrior give 200 gold each and 200 experience each. If those numbers mean nothing to you, know that Midasing the big creep in a hard camp gives ~300 exp. So while you're turbo leveling with the Double's Midas, you're also handing the enemy a ton of experience every time you kamikaze your Doubled Necro creeps.
  6. However, if Necro creeps time out they won't give any experience (this is true for all summons).
  7. Interactions with various items on the Double:
  • - Doubles cannot duplicate any consumable item (including Bottle).
  • - Items with charges (Urn, Diffusal, Drum, etc.) copy the Original's charges.
  • - Doubles cannot copy Aegis, Gem, or Rapier. It can copy Refresher, but it can't activate it.
  • - A Double's BKB time decrements on its own.
  • - A Double dying with a Bloodstone won't heal allies.
  • - Doubles cannot pick up or drop items.
  1. So what can you do with items?
  • - Midas is considered core since the item effectively has a 2x multiplier on Zet. Once you hit the late game (or earlier) you should probably avoid spamming Double for the Midas and save it for a fight/objective.
  • - Double Shivas' is basically 400 magic damage in a 900 radius. The slow and aura don't stack, however.
  • - As stated earlier, double Necrobooks is/was a very common build on Zet.
  • - Manta can be a safer and more versatile pushing/DPS build. Remember, he's an AGI hero and You+Double+Four illusions under two Magnetic Fields can dole out some serious damage.
  • - In 6.87, the stack duration for Pipe of Insight's Barrier was removed, meaning your team can benefit from the Pipe active as often as you have the item available. Then again I'd only recommend building Pipe on Arc if you're against a Zeus, Sand King, Leshrac, KotL, Tinker team or something.
  • - Interestingly, Mek has a 25 second stack limit duration against its 65 second cooldown. I... I don't think MekZet is a good idea yet, but I am intrigued.
  • - A double Dagon 5 can deal 1600 magic damage from 800 range. It can also be completely nullified by someone building BKB.
  • - The debuff from Medallion/Solar Crest does not stack if cast on the same enemy, but it's still an item worth considering.


  1. For the love of god, please stand next to an ally if they're Fluxed and you're nearby. Arc Warden is pretty much 99% single target damage. If you jump into the mix to save an ally he's probably not going to even touch you. This is highly relevant when going for runes.
  2. Flux can be muted by standing next to neutral creeps.
  3. MKB won't help you hit buildings affected by Magnetic Field.
  4. Magnetic Field won't provide any evasion to enemies (heroes or buildings) if you're attacking from inside the Field.
  5. Spark Wraiths cannot be disjointed. Think of it like Skywrath's Arcane Bolt since it also provides vision as it travels towards you.
  6. Once he gets Tempest Double up and running with Midas, Zet will be spending a lot of his time cycling around neutral camps while his Double pushes lanes. It's a running joke, but warding his jungle really is one of the best ways to slow down Arc Warden. Find him and kill him, block his camps, or just take his jungle over and hem him out.
  7. You really need AoE damage to deal with the way most Arc Warden's build. Zet's all about tossing expendable bodies at your structures until you lose. If you don’t have any good AoE spells, consider building items like Maelstrom/Mjollnir, Battle Fury, Radiance, Veil, or Shiva's Guard to deal with the onslaught.
  8. Spells treat the Double like a hero, not like an illusion. Except for interactions that occur when a hero dies, like Bloodstone or Track or Duel. Those spells treat the Double like an illusion. Unless the Double wins a Duel. Then it actually can use the bonus damage. Unlike an illusion. Hoo boy.
  9. Slark can Essence Shift and OD can INT steal from the Double.

Bahasa Indonesia

Cara counter Arc Warden Dota 2 dan tips memilih Arc Warden sebagai hero kita versi Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. Kamu bisa men deny hero Abaddonmu menggunakan Mist Coil.
  2. Damage dari Mist Coil bisa diserap oleh skill Aphotic Shield dan juga sekaligus memberikan efek heal saat Borrowed Time aktif.
  3. Mist Coil dapat tetap memberikan efek heal menembus BKB / skill yang sifatnya spell immunity.
  4. Kamu bisa cast Aphotic Shield ke creeps siegemu.
  5. Aphotic Shield akan meledak dengan damage penuh sesuai dengan damage yang diterima. Artinya jika kamu bisa cast shield ke alliesmu untuk membuat damage dari ledakan aphotic tersebut kemusuhmu.
  6. Ledakan dari Aphotic Shield tidak akan menghasilkan damage kepada unit yang berada dikondisi fog dan juga unit yang invisible.
  7.  Curse of Avernus works di tower.
  8. Aphotic Shield tidak menyerap damage ketika borrowed time aktif. Semuanya akan dikonvert menjadi efek heal saja.
  9. Abaddon bisa bunuh diri menggunakan skill Mist Coil saat kondisi Health Point sekarat. Denied!
  10. Item paling cocok untuk Abaddon adalah item aura seperti vlad's, Drum, Basilus, Shiva Guard dan item aura lain untuk berkembang sampai lategame.
  1. Jarak burst damage dari aphotic shield lumayan besar (675)
  2. Jika target (musuh) yang terkena aphotic shield mencoba untuk meledak di sekitarmu, cobalah untuk mencari fog diarea war untuk menghindari ledakan tersebut.
  3. Jika hero kamu memiliki damage burst lebih dari 400 damage,kamu bisa melakukan instakill abaddon tanpa memberikan abaddon kesempatan untuk mengaktifkan ultimatenya.
  4. Jika kamu tidak percaya dengan tim, gunakan eul untuk counter Abaddon untuk mendelay waktu sekitar 2.5 detik dari borrowed time.
  5. Ancient Appartion ice blast bisa mencegah abaddon dari efek heal ultimatenya.


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