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Axe Dota 2 -

How to counter Axe Dota 2 and tips to pick Axe as my hero by Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.


  1.  Berserker's Call goes through spell immunity. If you see a BKB'd Shadow Fiend having an epileptic fit while he's casting his ult, walk up and Q him.
  2. Just because you don't catch anyone in Berserker's Call doesn't mean the spell was a bust. You get +40 armor during its duration which can easily make the difference between life and death early game during tower dives.
  3. Berserker's Call is a handy way to break an enemy's invisibility. If an enemy Clinkz just ran away with 10 HP, try Blinking into where you think he'll be and cast Call. If you're right, they'll be forced to attack you and lose their invis.
  4. Remember that you can draw aggro from creeps on demand by right clicking enemy heroes. Even if the enemy hero is across the map, right clicking them will draw creep aggro. Don't waste mana on Call if you don't have to.
  5. Battle Hunger is a great spell for disabling Blink Daggers, especially when breaking high ground.
  6. Battle Hunger gives Axe a stacking 12% movespeed bonus for every enemy unit affected. This includes creeps and neutrals, so cast it on anything in range if you have mana to burn when you're chasing or escaping.
  7. When jungling a camp with Satyrs, draw aggro back a bit so that the tiny ranged Satyrs aren't getting hit by Counter Helix. They give you extra chances to Helix at the cost of practically no damage, but they'll usually die first if you keep them in Helix range.
  8. You can Cull any enemy unit, including creeps. While this is usually irrelevant, it can be worth Culling a creep to get the massive 40% AoE movement speed buff to catch up to an enemy.
  9. You can instagib flying or walking couriers at any level of Culling Blade since couriers are always below the damage threshold.
  10. Leave your Tranquil Boots on the ground or in your backpack while jungling and then pick them up once you finish a camp to immediately get the regen without waiting for the damage cooldown. Just be sure there aren't any stealth heroes around to steal them.


  1. Battle Hunger can be taken off by denies. If your lane mate is being a hungry hungry hippo with last hits, focus your energy on landing a deny.
  2. When trying to help an ally who is about to die to Axe in lane, don't toss a few measly auto attacks if Axe isn't close to death himself. Axe will gladly trade some damage if it means he gets a few more chances to Helix.
  3. Culling Blade can kill through Dazzle's Shallow Grave and Oracle's False Promise. It can also kill Rosh. Culling Blade don't care.
  4. Eulsing an initiating Axe can help save your allies from being repositioned from Berserker's Call or killing themselves on his Blade Mail.

Bahasa Indonesia

Cara counter Antimage Dota 2 dan tips memilih Antimage sebagai hero kita versi Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. Kamu bisa men deny hero Abaddonmu menggunakan Mist Coil.
  2. Damage dari Mist Coil bisa diserap oleh skill Aphotic Shield dan juga sekaligus memberikan efek heal saat Borrowed Time aktif.
  3. Mist Coil dapat tetap memberikan efek heal menembus BKB / skill yang sifatnya spell immunity.
  4. Kamu bisa cast Aphotic Shield ke creeps siegemu.
  5. Aphotic Shield akan meledak dengan damage penuh sesuai dengan damage yang diterima. Artinya jika kamu bisa cast shield ke alliesmu untuk membuat damage dari ledakan aphotic tersebut kemusuhmu.
  6. Ledakan dari Aphotic Shield tidak akan menghasilkan damage kepada unit yang berada dikondisi fog dan juga unit yang invisible.
  7.  Curse of Avernus works di tower.
  8. Aphotic Shield tidak menyerap damage ketika borrowed time aktif. Semuanya akan dikonvert menjadi efek heal saja.
  9. Abaddon bisa bunuh diri menggunakan skill Mist Coil saat kondisi Health Point sekarat. Denied!
  10. Item paling cocok untuk Abaddon adalah item aura seperti vlad's, Drum, Basilus, Shiva Guard dan item aura lain untuk berkembang sampai lategame.
  1. Jarak burst damage dari aphotic shield lumayan besar (675)
  2. Jika target (musuh) yang terkena aphotic shield mencoba untuk meledak di sekitarmu, cobalah untuk mencari fog diarea war untuk menghindari ledakan tersebut.
  3. Jika hero kamu memiliki damage burst lebih dari 400 damage,kamu bisa melakukan instakill abaddon tanpa memberikan abaddon kesempatan untuk mengaktifkan ultimatenya.
  4. Jika kamu tidak percaya dengan tim, gunakan eul untuk counter Abaddon untuk mendelay waktu sekitar 2.5 detik dari borrowed time.
  5. Ancient Appartion ice blast bisa mencegah abaddon dari efek heal ultimatenya.


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