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Bat Rider

Bat Rider Dota 2 -

How to counter Bat Rider Dota 2 and tips to pick Bat Rider as my hero by Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.


  1. Don't just toss Napalms casually. Go out of your way to make sure you're keeping stacks up on the enemy hero. The difference between 2 stacks and 4 stacks can be the difference between suggesting the enemy eat a tango or go back to the fountain.
  2. Sticky Napalm gives flying vision around its cast point. Keep this in mind if Firefly is down and you need to check the Rosh pit, high grounds, or are trying to find a juking enemy.
  3. You can click on an enemy hero to see how many Magic Stick/Wand charges they have. If they're sitting on 10, it's probably a bad idea to go for a kill.
  4. Napalm is relevant all game long because turn speed is relevant all game long. Just because you're not laning anymore doesn't mean you should stop using the spell. It still gives vision, it still raises your damage, and it's still annoying as hell to have to turn in bullet time.
  5. Flamebreak gives neutral creeps phased movement. You can theoretically use this to create infinite stacks.
  6. Pay attention to the buff icon timer for Firefly. When it ends you need to make sure you won't be stuck somewhere you don't want to be.
  7. Don't feel obligated to drag someone as far as you can when you Flaming Lasso someone. If your team is nearby or you're 1v1ing, your time may be spent better trying to lay on additional Napalm stacks.
  8. Batrider has 1200 day vision, most heroes have 1800.
  9. Enemies can see the Firefly trail even when you're under Smoke.


  1. Buy a Magic Stick ASAP against this fool. You can get one from the side shop.
  2. Once you get 3-4 stacks of Napalm on you, back off and let the debuff wear off. You can check how many stacks you have by looking at your current debuffs.
  3. Don't hug the nearby tree-line when defending T2 towers. Batriders love hovering over the trees that surround T2s to get easy Lassos.

Bahasa Indonesia

Cara counter Antimage Dota 2 dan tips memilih Antimage sebagai hero kita versi Dota2pedia x Tsunami643.

  1. Kamu bisa men deny hero Abaddonmu menggunakan Mist Coil.
  2. Damage dari Mist Coil bisa diserap oleh skill Aphotic Shield dan juga sekaligus memberikan efek heal saat Borrowed Time aktif.
  3. Mist Coil dapat tetap memberikan efek heal menembus BKB / skill yang sifatnya spell immunity.
  4. Kamu bisa cast Aphotic Shield ke creeps siegemu.
  5. Aphotic Shield akan meledak dengan damage penuh sesuai dengan damage yang diterima. Artinya jika kamu bisa cast shield ke alliesmu untuk membuat damage dari ledakan aphotic tersebut kemusuhmu.
  6. Ledakan dari Aphotic Shield tidak akan menghasilkan damage kepada unit yang berada dikondisi fog dan juga unit yang invisible.
  7.  Curse of Avernus works di tower.
  8. Aphotic Shield tidak menyerap damage ketika borrowed time aktif. Semuanya akan dikonvert menjadi efek heal saja.
  9. Abaddon bisa bunuh diri menggunakan skill Mist Coil saat kondisi Health Point sekarat. Denied!
  10. Item paling cocok untuk Abaddon adalah item aura seperti vlad's, Drum, Basilus, Shiva Guard dan item aura lain untuk berkembang sampai lategame.
  1. Jarak burst damage dari aphotic shield lumayan besar (675)
  2. Jika target (musuh) yang terkena aphotic shield mencoba untuk meledak di sekitarmu, cobalah untuk mencari fog diarea war untuk menghindari ledakan tersebut.
  3. Jika hero kamu memiliki damage burst lebih dari 400 damage,kamu bisa melakukan instakill abaddon tanpa memberikan abaddon kesempatan untuk mengaktifkan ultimatenya.
  4. Jika kamu tidak percaya dengan tim, gunakan eul untuk counter Abaddon untuk mendelay waktu sekitar 2.5 detik dari borrowed time.
  5. Ancient Appartion ice blast bisa mencegah abaddon dari efek heal ultimatenya.


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